1. Wandering designer —
    1. TBA
  2. Co-organizing a New Computer Working Group
  3. Part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design
  4. Custodian for Learning Gardens


  1. Designed a ˗ˏˋdazzlingˎˊ˗ array of digital product experiences for millions of creative people at Tumblr
  2. Built hyper-complex B2B software and started a popular intra-net radio station with friends at International Business Machines




2017 — Ongoing


  1. Writing in my writing directory
  2. Teaching and workshopping
  3. Open sourcing projects on Github
  4. Hyperlinking and researching on Are.na

Personal Context

Interests and Expertise include:

Product Design, Industrial Design, Systems Design, Organizational Design, Mass Manufacture, and other Large and Wicked Projects.

I am oriented towards the future. I’d like to spend my life guiding complex product systems towards egalitarian ends. Heritage craft-works and nostalgia are uninteresting to me. New infrastructures and modes of being are very interesting to me.

I can build any system, large or small.

If you’d like, send an e-mail and/or @ me. Thanks for visiting, stay a while.