1. ???????? (e-mail me)
  2. Co-organizing a New Computer Working Group
  3. Part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design
  4. Offering freelance R&D
  5. Cultivating a meta–organization, Learning Gardens


  1. Designed a ˗ˏˋdazzlingˎˊ˗ array of digital product experiences for millions of creative people at Tumblr
  2. Built hyper-complex B2B software and started a popular intra-net radio station with friends at International Business Machines


A sampling of works, sketches, and other interfaces.

2017 — Ongoing

Urbit Wallet AppUrbit — Crypto wallet spec/flowOpen-source/unsolicited design works...Urbit Friendly Console 1Urbit Friendly Console 2Urbit — Friendly Console/Input concepting...easier-to-use patterns...Are.na mobile app sketchAre.na — Mobile app concepting...speculative interfaces.
TBATBAMoonlighting, Freelance, etc.
Learning Gardens MateriaLearning Gardens MateriaLearning Gardens ThingsArt and materials and website for Learning Gardens.
Urbit Wallet AppUrbit Wallet AppTumblr AppsMany, many app experiences and interfaces...Urbit Friendly ConsoleTumblrTumblrTumblr Extracurricular... and websites for Tumblr.


  1. Writing in my writing directory
  2. Teaching and workshopping
  3. Open sourcing projects on Github
  4. Hyperlinking and researching on Are.na


Interests and Expertise include:

Product Design, Industrial Design, Systems Design, Organizational Design, Mass Manufacture, and other Large and Wicked Projects.

I am oriented towards the future. I’d like to spend my life guiding complex product systems towards egalitarian ends. Heritage craft-works and nostalgia are uninteresting to me. New infrastructures and modes of being are very interesting to me.

I can build any system, large or small.

If you’d like, send an e-mail and/or @ me. Thanks for visiting, stay a while.